In a World Without Tears


Konsum// Poesie #5

In a world without tears,
Corporations will try
Manufacturing fears
That your eyeballs will dry.

„You’ll require some eye drops
In a world without tears“,
It will say on the bus stops
Where the advert appears.

They are slick puppeteers.
They can twist any issue.
In a world without tears,
They will sell you a tissue.

They manoeuvre so deep
In your worries and fears
That you’ll wish you could weep
In a world without tears.

Autor: Stanislav

Header-Foto: Joan Miró. 1893-1983. L’espoir du condamné à mort I II III. The hope of a condamned man I II III 1984. Fondation Joan Miró. Barcelone via Flickr unter CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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